In episode one of Telesperience, Teresa Cottam asks Duncan Chapple what analysts are, and why they matter (It's the first interview after the introduction)


0:00 Introduction
1:39 What is Telesperience? Darran Clements
7:05 The changing world of analyst relations Teresa Cottam talks to Duncan Chapple from Lighthouse AR and Gordon Davies from Sun Microsystems
28:15 Top tips for better AR From Duncan Chapple of Lighthouse AR

Marius Jost speaks with Duncan Chapple about how analyst firms are changing, what what means for the way that end-users 'consume' analyst services. This is part of a series of 'top tends' podcasts Marius made for HFN.


In the second of two podcasts Ed Gyurko, a European analyst relations guru in the IT services industry, discusses the Gartner Magic Quadrant with Duncan Chapple, founder of Lighthouse Analyst Relations.

In this conversation, Gyurko explains the conversations he had with analysts and AR progessionals while researching the Magic Quadrant for an IIAR white paper. He found that, although the MQ is one of the most famous research documents, there are many misunderstanding about the MQ which prevents companies for working effectively with Gartner.


In this podcast, two founders of the Institute for Industry Analyst Relations discuss the Magic Quadrant, one of the most influential pieces of the business research in any industry. In the first of two conversations, Gyurko explains the role of the Magic Quadrant and its influence. Former analyst Duncan Chapple gives his insight into the issues, reflected in a new white paper from the IIAR.


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