Welcome to my new podcast series. After a break, I'm restarting with Philip Carter (Chief Analyst, IDC Europe). Our conversation is part of the Influencer Insights series I run for Kea Company. One of the main topics discussed on the podcast will be digital transformation and what role analyst firms need to play in helping organizations to develop a different sort of user of the sorts of services, the valuable insight that analysts firms are producing.

As an EMEA chief analyst, Philip has a challenging role, where it is important to think outsight the box and beyond the borders. Some of the questions we've been discussing include:
  • “Do organizations in Europe behave in different ways from organizations in Asia or the America?” 
  • “How does IDC help its clients to understand what their global opportunities can be?”, 
  • “How can clients take a step in a more auspicious future?


These and more questions will be answered by Philip. Enjoy listening!